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We are a Bikefriendly accommodation.

It means that we welcome cyclists with open arms and that our establishment specializes in cycling.


Whether you are a road biker or mountain biker, at Hostal Río Ara you will find a bonus that will allow you to enjoy the Ara Valley with your bike.


In our facilities, we put at your disposal:

- Space guard to keep your bike safely.

- Workshop area with tools to tune your bike.

- Washing area where you clean your bike.


We also offer other benefits and complementary paid services for cyclists that you can request before or during your stay:

- Laundry service for your sportswear.

- Sale of basic spare parts for cyclists in our shop.

- Restorative dinners to recover after the effort.

- We adapt the breakfast schedule so that you can make long journeys.


And if you want to reach new destinations, we inform you and facilitate the tracks of the best routes in the area. We are members of the Zone Zero BTT association, considered the best mountain biking center in our country, and a rest stop for a multitude of travelers who make the Transpirenaica Mountain Bike Trail.


Inspire yourself: Btt in the Ara Valley


We are fortunate that the Aragonese Pyrenees run some of the reference routes at European level for the practice of mountain biking. These are the routes closest to our establishment:

The integral of Berroy: Route on the Ara valley in its middle part, of red + difficulty of 23 km of distance with an accumulated assumption of 900 m.

La Solana de Sasé: Enduro route to the village "squatter" of Sasé with spectacular views and Black difficulty, about 29 km away with an accumulated assault of 1040 m.

Tricas and Lacort: Short and simple route through the abandoned villages of the Ara Solana, with a red difficulty and about 11 km away with an accumulated assault of 430 m.


It sounds good, isn't it?

Take your bike, we are waiting for you!

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